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Lahore Girls

Lahore's hottest and sexiest girls picture gallery in the world.

Calling to say hi

When you dial a hot Lahori girl's number in any part of the city, like Model Town or Gulberg, you will hear her say "hello??". That is normal behaviour from any girl in any locality, be it Samanabad or Fortress or Cantt.

lahore girl calling

Girls in Lahore spend hours and hours talking to their friends on the phone and hang out with them in groups or in the intimate setting of being on a date. They will likely laugh and frolic around like all girls from Lahore do.

lahore girl calling

When you call a girl in Lahore, you should keep many things in mind, first and foremost that why on earth are you calling her? If you dont' know her and are still calling her because you got her number from some shady source, you should be ashamed and probably seek counselling.

lahore girl calling

Look at these pictures and hot shots carefully. These are all Lahori girls and they are busy talking to someone right now. But it's not you!!

lahore girl calling

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